International cargo

Our transport company offers its customers reliable transportation of goods on any route: Russia and other countries. We are working for a long time in the market of cargo transportation services and during this time we have proved to be a reliable partner and executor.

The company “AIN DAIMA UAB” offers services of international cargo transportation:

  1. Air freight services
  2. Sea container transportation
  3. Railway transportation
  4. Road Transportation

The choice of vehicle is affected by several parameters:

  • Cargo characteristics
  • Distance
  • Conditions of carriage
  • Urgency of cargo transportation

International cargo transportation can be organised by road, rail, sea and air transport.

Rail Transportation

Transportation by rail is one of the most convenient, accessible and safe ways of cargo transportation. The dignity of the railway is that it stretches for thousands of kilometres and includes hundreds of points of arrival.

Sea Freight

When it is necessary to send a large wholesale lot for a considerable distance, we offer sea container transportation. This type of transportation has longer delivery times, but successfully compensates for their low cost and high-quality transportation conditions.

Road Transportation

The company “AIN DAIMA UAB” carries out freight road transport on the territories of Europe, North Africa and Russia.
We are working for a long time in the market of services for the trucking of goods. During this time, we have proven to be a reliable partner and performer.

Air Freight

The company “AIN DAIMA UAB” organises reliable air cargo transportation on any routes.
Our transport company offers its customers reliable air transportation of cargo on any route: in Russia and other countries.


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